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Spectrometer limitations

Issuing time:2018-10-18 10:00

Spectrometers are an extremely important analytical method in the field of analytical chemistry. For metal material manufacturers, the advantages of direct reading spectrometers are extremely good.The spectral analysis method has high sensitivity, and the calibration curve has a wide linear range and can perform simultaneous determination of multiple elements.These advantages make it widely used in various fields such as metallurgy, geology, petroleum, agriculture, biomedicine, geochemistry, materials science, environmental science and so on.

However, for the testing of materials entering the factory of the machinery factory or other industry users, the following problems will be encountered.Tianmu Instrument Xiaobian for everyone to analyze:


(1) When the analysis matrix is large, the procurement cost of the equipment will be high.

(2) Due to the limitation of the number of channels analyzed by the instrument, the number of channels installed in one instrument is limited.

(3) Samples of special shape, such as very small wires, very thin metal platelets cannot be analyzed with direct reading spectra.Generally, the direct reading spectrometer can only analyze wire materials with a diameter of 3 mm or more and sheet samples with a thickness of 0.1 mm or more.

Tianmu Instrument specializes in the production of spectrometers, with 18 years of industry experience, strict quality inspection and commissioning.


Carbon and sulfur analyzers play an important role in testing carbon and sulfur in steel and various





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