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How to increase the life of the spectrometer?

Issuing time:2018-11-08 08:57

Spectrometer is the basic equipment for observing, analyzing and processing the structure and composition of matter by applying optical principle. It has the advantages of high analytical precision, large measuring range, fast speed and low sample consumption.At present, it has been widely used in metallurgy, geology, petrochemical, medical and health, environmental protection and other industries. Wuxi Tianmu Instrument mainly produces spectrometers and carbon sulfur analyzers. The following small series will share with you some notes on the use of spectrometers:


First, strictly follow the prescribed use environment

The temperature and humidity should be within the standard range. The power supply should be equipped with a voltage regulator and a grounding wire. The area of the infrared laboratory should not be too large, and there must be a dehumidification device.

Second, prevent the instrument from getting wet and affect the service life

In order to prevent moisture from starting at least twice a week, each time for half a day, dehumidification is performed at the same time.Especially in the mildew season, it is best to open the wet machine every day.Nowadays, the instruments with good quality are hundreds of thousands of RMB. If the instrument is damp in order to save the electricity, it will not be worth the loss.

Third, when the sample is hydrochloride, it is necessary to consider the ion exchange phenomenon that may occur during the tableting process.

Infrared spectrometers emphasize that the standard stipulates that potassium chloride should be used instead of potassium bromide for tableting, but the spectrum measured after potassium chloride tableting and potassium bromide tableting can also be compared. If there is no difference between the two, bromine can be used.Potassium is used for tableting.

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Carbon and sulfur analyzers play an important role in testing carbon and sulfur in steel and various





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