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Product Detail

CSi-90C carbon silicon analyzer

Model CSi-90C
Weight 18KG
Host size 1200px long * 800px wide *950px
Working power supply AC220V±10%,50Hz
Product Details

Desktop computer type furnace front iron water carbon silicon analyzer


First, the complete industrial environment design, stable and reliable performance, easy to operate.

Second, 19 inch (1202.5px) with tempered glass widescreen LCD display.

Third, the target material selection (FC gray cast iron, FCD ductile iron): up to 10 commonly used materials can be set.

4. Set up eight calibration lines at the same time to suit different kinds of applications (only for advanced users).

5. For the rapid determination of the carbon equivalent CE%, carbon content C%, silicon content Si%, tensile strength (FC) of the cast iron raw iron before the furnace.

Sixth, the measurement range is wide: C%: 2.8%-4.2%, Si%: 0.9%-3.0%, CE%: 3.2%-4.83%.

Seven, high measurement accuracy and good stability. The accuracy of C% is within 0.05%, and the accuracy of Si% is within 0.1%.

Eight, the measurement speed is fast, the measurement time is less than 2 minutes, which is convenient for adjusting the composition of the furnace.

Nine, carbon, silicon value compensation correction: according to the chemical analysis or spectral analyzer data can be adjusted to compensate for silicon carbon value.

X. Cooling curve and measurement data CE, C%, Si%, TL, TE are displayed at the same time, which is clear and intuitive.

11. The amount of material deficiency can be automatically calculated according to the measured component content, the set amount of molten iron, the target component and the retention rate of the material, so that the amount of reinforcing agent, ferrosilicon and scrap steel can be quickly adjusted in front of the furnace to make C% and Si % enters the upper and lower limits of the target.

Twelve, automatic print selection: can be used with any printer to quickly print curves and measurement data.

Thirteen, has a wealth of input / output and communication functions, can communicate with the computer.

14. The chassis is made of metal, anti-magnetic, anti-static, and the outer surface is sprayed.

Fifteen, the body size: length 1200px * width 800px * 950px. Body weight: 18KG

Sixteen, working power: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz

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Tianmu advantage

Tianmu advantage

Tianmu provides one-stop product matching solution

10 years of manufacturing experience
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