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Product Detail

XJP-3A Binocular Metallurgical Microscope

Model XJP-3A
Optical system Finite vision optical system
Product Details


1. Optical system: finite distance optical system.

2. Magnification range: 100×~1000×

3, eyepiece: 10 × large field of view, high eye point flat field eyepiece, field of view Φ18mm

4. Objective lens: Long working distance flat field achromatic metallographic objective: 10x/40x/ 100x (spring/oil.

5. Observation tube: Hinged double (叁) eyepiece group, 45° tilt, 50-75mm pitch adjustment, adjustable diopter ±5°.

6. Objective lens converter: Internal positioning four-hole converter.

7. Coarse and fine focusing device: coarse and micro coaxial focusing, coarse adjustment stroke 30mm, fine adjustment value 2μm, coarse adjustment with elastic adjustment, focusing with limit device.

8. Stage: Double-layer mechanical moving stage with an area of 180 mm × 165 mm and a moving range of 30 mm × 30 mm

9. Lifting mechanism: The lifting and lowering focusing mechanism of the loading and unloading platform.The user can quickly focus on the subject.Protect the objective lens to observe the sample.

10, Cora lighting system: 3W-LED cold light source or 6V/20W halogen lamp (wide voltage input: 100V-240V), field diaphragm, center adjustable; collector mirror adjustable.

11, color filter set: gray / blue / green / yellow / matte; diameter ¢ 32.

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Tianmu advantage

Tianmu advantage

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